POLL: Obama’s Last State of the Union Address


With only 373 days left as President of the United States, Barack Obama will be taking the stage for the final time to address the nation in his State of the Union speech. After a year of many mass shootings, another year of ObamaCare under our belt, and campaigns starting to fire on all cylinders, tonight will be full of many hot topics.

So as you listen, what do you think of the President’s last State of the Union address? Tell us in the poll below!

One thought on “POLL: Obama’s Last State of the Union Address

  1. President Obama’s last state of union the union address was a great one! Of course, Republicans were ready to vote that his speech was good because it’s his last one. Well, who cares what a bunch of Republicans think. For the most part, they are brain dead and not fit to lead a boy or girl scout troop much less the United States. I just wish he could run for a third term because he’d win by a landslide and he would be given a Democratic Congress. November 2016 – the Revolution begins..


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