It’s Morning in Kentucky

Finals season is never a fun season for college students, and I’ve found myself mentally comparing it to how white tail must feel during archery season. Luckily for me, finals didn’t start until Wednesday – which meant I got to spend Monday and Tuesday cruising around Frankfort, celebrating the inauguration of Governor Matt Bevin and Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton. Let me tell you, it was a once in a lifetime experience.  Continue Reading

POLL: Kentucky Governor’s Election

With tomorrow being election day, who are you voting for in tomorrow’s election? It has been a heated race and many polls showing this one will be very close, so let’s see how the Improper Politic crowd votes!

bevin conway

Kentucky’s Governor’s Race – A Guide to the Governor’s Mansion

bevin conway

Matt Bevin, a successful small business owner from Louisville, is running for Governor as the Republican nominee. He edged out James Comer, the outgoing state Agricultural Commissioner, by 83 votes in the May Republican primary. You may remember Bevin’s name as he ran against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in McConnell’s 2014 Senate primary re-election, where Bevin was defeated by a wide margin. Bevin’s Continue Reading