Who won the second Democratic debate?

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After yet another debate this week, who do you think won the Democratic debate? Do you think Hillary continued to show her dominance that she is the clear front runner? Or did Bernie’s little jabs help him to start narrowing that massive gap? Lastly, did O’Malley make any moves up or is he just a dying candidate? Answer the poll below and leave us a comment below with why you voted the way you did! Make sure to give us a Follow @ImpPolitics on Twitter!

Who Won the Fox Business Network GOP Debate?


Finally, we have a debate where these candidates get to talk and debate about each of their policies! With that, who do you think won the Fox Business Network debate? Leave us a comment below and let us know how you feel about the debate! Make sure to Follow our Twitter page: @ImpPolitics and retweet for a chance to win one of our Improper Politics koozies!

A Week of Debates

Good morning Americans and welcome to another action-packed week of intensive campaigning and a heated political field. However, fortunately for all Americans, there is not just one debate this week, but two! First, on Tuesday evening at 9 PM, Fox Business Network will be hosting the next Republican debate. The second debate with be hosted by CBS News on Saturday evening at 9 PM for the Democrats.

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