Meet The Team

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Kris Steele – Co-Founder

Kris is one of the 2 co-founders of Improper Politics. Kris, while a strong conservative, values an intelligent discussion on all issues before choosing a side. When Kris is not engulfed in the political world, he can be found wearing blue and white, cheering diligently for the Kentucky Wildcats. With Election Day getting closer every day, Kris is narrowing down his vote to one of two candidates, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio!

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Chaz English – Columnist

Chaz is a columnist for Improper Politics. He is a recent graduate of the University of Louisville, receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Chaz will be continuing his education by attending law school in the fall. He just completed an internship at the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C. and is glad that he got out in time before the Snowmaggedon hit. Prior to that he worked at a law firm and served as a campaign intern for Hal Heiner. In his spare time he enjoys watching the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Cincinnati Bengals.